How do ghost towns come to be? | FOX News

The ghost town is a ghost town.

It’s a place that’s haunted, haunted by ghosts, haunted in a way that’s different from a normal place.

In ghost towns, there’s no one to see it, there is no one who can tell you what it is that you’re seeing, and no one can stop you from seeing it.

There’s no police or security.

You just walk in, and you see it.

This is where ghost stories are made, and this is where you can find them.

The only way to find a ghost is to actually see one.

But that’s not the only way.

There are many other ways to see a ghost.

A few of them are very popular.

Some people like to see ghosts in the daytime.

The first is by looking at the stars.

You can find stars in a lot of places.

If you look at the sky, the stars in the sky appear to be the same as the stars that appear in the night sky.

And the moon and the stars also appear the same.

But the moon has a different color than the stars, and the sky is very dark at night.

So, when you see the moon or the stars at night, they don’t seem to be really the same light that we see.

You see the stars and the moon, but you don’t really see them.

But when you look up at the moon in the evening sky, you can see the same stars, but they’re not exactly the same colors.

But they all appear to the same star.

So you can look up there and see the whole sky, and it’s just the same white, white, and white.

There is a lot to like about this, because you can actually see the sky at night and you can still see the moons, which are blue.

So if you’re really lucky, you’ll see them at night as well.

But if you go out in the daylight, you’re not seeing the stars anymore.

It was a little strange when I first went out, but it was pretty easy to spot a ghost, because it was just like, you know, they’re all blue.

And I just kept looking at them, and I kept saying, “This is the moon,” and then I looked up at it, and all the stars just sort of vanished.

I guess that’s why the ghost towns are so popular.

There really are no rules, there really is no rules for what to see, and that’s what makes them so fascinating.

It doesn’t matter what the color of the moon is, you don, you just walk up and you just see it all.

It just seems like a miracle.

Ghost towns have become a thing of the past in the last few years.

They have disappeared in a flurry of popular culture.

So how does the concept of ghost town come to exist?

One of the biggest things that people say is that ghost towns were born out of a time when people couldn’t have enough money to get through the day.

And so, people had to go to work, and then they had to pay taxes.

So the only people who could pay taxes were the ones who were getting their taxes paid.

And people would walk out of their houses, and they’d go home and say, “I’m sorry, I have to go work,” and they didn’t have money to pay the taxes.

They’d have to pay their taxes.

And that’s when they started seeing ghost towns.

So people began saying, okay, you see this, you have to get out of here.

And they’d get their own houses and they would rent them out.

And then the only thing that was going to keep people out of the town was the police, and even the police were starting to get tired of being the only ones out of town.

And now, when the police get out there, they see ghosts, and, you remember the movie Ghost, where the police go out and they go to investigate the ghost, and there’s one of them, the police chief, who’s got his hands in his pockets and he’s not looking at anybody.

He’s looking at himself.

And he’s got a little flashlight in his hand, and he just looks at the ghost.

And his flashlight is in his pocket, and as he’s looking around, it goes off, and his flashlight goes off.

And everyone stops, they turn around, and nobody sees the ghost in the dark.

And as they turn and go home, their families come in.

And their children, they call the police.

They tell the police that the ghost was seen in their house.

And all of a sudden, the people who were paying taxes, they get their taxes, and suddenly they see a lot more ghosts in their houses.

And it just makes sense, because the police can’t go in there anymore.

And when they go in, they find the ghosts,

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