The Strange World of Ghost Town (and the Gun That Killed Franklin)”

Ghost Town, the ghost town in Indiana, has been a tourist destination for years.

But in the spring of 2017, a gunfight broke out between two local police officers and several other residents.

According to the local police department, they shot and killed a man, and then they were attacked by three people who tried to rob them.

The police chief said that the suspects were carrying an AR-15, a type of military-style assault rifle that can shoot out a bullet’s chamber.

“I was going through the motions of trying to calm the situation down, and I think that’s when I got pulled out of the car and shot,” the unnamed officer who was shot told reporters.

The officers were killed, but the gunfight escalated. “

We were trying to do what we could to calm it down, but he was already moving toward the police car.”

The officers were killed, but the gunfight escalated.

In the video, you can see one of the men, identified as Kevin, is lying on the ground.

“He’s just laying there,” a neighbor who also lives nearby tells the Guardian.

“And then a cop comes over and starts shooting him.”

The neighbor, who also wanted to remain anonymous, said that Kevin’s brother was with him and that Kevin was shot in the leg.

“There was just this one dude lying in the street, bleeding from his leg,” he said.

“One cop came over and started shooting him.

And then another cop came and shot him in the arm.

And the third cop shot him right in the face.”

According to police, one of those shots struck Kevin in the chest.

The local police chief, James L. McBride, told the Guardian that Kevin had a large handgun, and that the gun belonged to him.

“At one point, one officer, while trying to move to get the gun away from the suspect, fired his weapon,” he told the newspaper.

“That’s when the suspect fired one round at him, hitting him in his right arm.”

Police said that they believe the two suspects had been trying to rob the police department when they started shooting.

In response to the shooting, many people, including local residents, took to social media to demand answers about what happened.

“When the cops were in a house, they did not use lethal force against a suspect,” one person posted on Facebook.

“Instead, they had him in their own home.”

The gunfight is believed to have started after the two officers attempted to detain a suspect.

“After being detained, the suspect allegedly proceeded to open fire on the officers and two deputies who were patrolling nearby,” the chief said.

Police said they responded to the scene within minutes and that both officers were in stable condition.

“The suspect has been identified as one Frank Franklin Jr., 29,” McBride said.

A spokesperson for the local sheriff’s department told the Associated Press that he was not available to comment on the shooting.

A police officer’s union representative said that Frank Franklin had been “a dedicated law enforcement officer for over 30 years.”

“I have great respect for the law enforcement officers who do their jobs and are tasked with protecting our citizens,” the union representative told the AP.

“As a veteran, Frank Franklin’s life was dedicated to protecting our communities and to serving our citizens.

We thank the brave officers who gave their lives for their families and their communities.”

The shooting has caused outrage in the town, where the local population is roughly 5,000 people, but there has been little criticism from residents.

“Everybody knows it’s a bad idea to have a police officer on the streets,” one local resident told the Los Angeles Times.

“Franklin had a gun, and he got out of it.

He wasn’t supposed to be on the street.”

But it is unclear how many of the town’s residents have seen any of the videos of the shooting or the police chief’s comments about the shooting and the suspect.

A Facebook group dedicated to the case, called the Ghost Town Shootout, has garnered more than 2,500 members.

The group was created in response to a Facebook post by one local man, who said that he believed the suspect was a drug dealer and that he “used to kill people with guns.”

“My main complaint is that the police had no idea the suspect in the video was the suspect,” he wrote.

“They said the suspect ran away from them and then came back with a gun.

I’m sorry, but that’s not true.

They never knew.

And I’m not angry at them.

I am angry at the world.”

The Guardian reported that a local woman said that she “did not know” who shot the police officer.

“My husband and I are not averse to gun ownership,” she said.

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