Tsushima ghost story: ‘It was a real shock, it was a dream, it just went through my head’

Tsushima, Japan, July 14, 2020.

Photo: Natsumi Shiozawa/AFP/Getty Images.

Last week, a local television station aired a series of hauntingly haunting television ads, which aired on the Tsushima Island Ghost Story TV program.

The haunting was created by a local company that produces and sells the Ghost Recon TV series, which is broadcast in over 40 countries and is produced by Ghost Recon Team.

The ads are called Ghost Recon: Ghost Stories, and are narrated by a ghost, who talks about his journey through the Tsumas’ abandoned ghost town.

He tells of a “nightmare” at a schoolhouse, a haunted lake, and a series in which he is forced to perform a haunted ritual.

Ghost Recon: Ghosts are a fictional brand name for the real Ghost Recon team.

“This was our first attempt to make a Ghost Recon-like show,” Ghost Recon Co-Director Andrew McNeil told VICE News.

McNeil and his team have spent the last two years researching, producing, and editing the show.

After the ad was aired, the Tsuma residents were left with a series they could feel was real, according to the Tsumanis.

“[They] felt they were in their own reality, and they could relate to each other,” Tsumani Tsumano, one of the producers, told VICE.

“They felt it was important to show that.”

A local Tsuman who is not associated with the show and does not want to be identified, told the BBC that the ads were intended to stir fear and excitement among Tsumans.

People are scared by ghosts, but they’re scared of being haunted, and it’s something they don’t know what to do about, the man said.

“It’s a very scary thing.”

Ghost Recon is a global phenomenon, with over 70 different teams and units operating in countries across the world.

The show was first broadcast on March 20, 2021.

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