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The 2016 election is over, but the ghosts of past elections still live on in our minds and in our hearts.

It’s time to move on, and it’s time for some new ghosts.

It’s a big deal when the election results are in and the ghosts are gone.

But what about the election itself?

The election itself is over.

And so are ghosts.

But it’s important to remember that the election was never won.

That the ghosts don’t always stay dead.

The election was a nightmare.

It was so bad, it took me years to write the book on it.

And the worst part was I still have nightmares.

I’ve been haunted by it ever since.

The ghosts that haunted the election were terrible.

The election had been a nightmare for many people, especially young people and women.

And I think it had a devastating impact on people’s lives.

A lot of people who voted for President Donald Trump or vice versa were afraid of ghosts and were afraid to vote.

I know this because I was terrified when I went out to vote and I was scared by my friends and family and my friends who were scared of ghosts.

And they kept saying, “I have to vote for Trump.”

But, no, it’s okay.

It wasn’t really my choice.

It had nothing to do with Trump.

But, of course, I voted for Trump because he was the best choice for our country.

And if he had been my President, I wouldn’t be here right now.

But of course I still think about it, and I still cry, because I didn’t vote for him.

But I still remember how awful it was for so many people to be scared.

And it was so horrible.

I’ve heard from many people that the campaign was a disaster.

I think people were scared and anxious.

And, yes, there were a lot of voters who were afraid and anxious because of the campaign.

But many, many, and many people voted.

And that’s okay and I’m proud of that.

And again, we will be celebrating the election by watching some of the most important moments in the campaign as it happened.

But if you’re looking for a good reason to vote, look no further than this story.

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