When the ‘ghost train’ crashes, the train itself is not dead

The “ghost train” has crashed, and it is not even dead, as the owners of the “ghost busting cast” claim.

The “Ghost Train” set of trains, operated by the Israeli train operator Railjet, have become a worldwide phenomenon after it was spotted by Israeli photographer Dov Klein on a highway near the West Bank city of Nablus in the summer of 2016.

The train set-up is a collaboration between the Israeli company and a number of other Israeli companies.

But while many Israelis are eager to take the “Ghost train” to its destinations, the trains themselves remain in a state of disrepair.

In a Facebook post, the “Nablus train” owners stated that the trains were not in any danger, and that “the train will continue to operate and operate safely.”

“The train was set up with the intention of operating as normal on this road, and the trains are now working as normal, so no one can say that it is destroyed,” they wrote.

“The trains are functioning as usual and will continue operating until the end of the year.”

“Nabi Yaakov” in the Westbank, near Nablust, West Bank, July 9, 2017.

The company owners also claimed that the train will not be destroyed.

“I do not want to say that the carriages are damaged because they were set up to be used for entertainment purposes,” one of them wrote.

However, the owner of the train in question, “Zev” posted on Facebook that “I will not let this train stand.”

The owner of “Nabala,” a station in the area that was closed during the construction of the tracks, said that the cars were set-to be used to transport passengers and goods.

“In my opinion, the cars have been destroyed, and they were not even set up for the purpose of transporting passengers,” he wrote.

Another of the owners, “Dav”, posted on his Facebook page that “The cars were not built for this purpose, but for the train’s operation.”

He added, “The operation is working perfectly, and no one should be disappointed.”

“I am a very proud owner of these cars, but they are not in use anymore,” “Dov” said, adding, “They will not come off until the beginning of December, which will be the end.

And there is no reason for me to say anything else.”

The “Nabalus train,” a series of wooden carriages, is one of the many sets of train sets that the company operated during the “disaster.”

The train’s owner, Zev, said the “Zemron” carriages were set to be dismantled and used for the trains’ operations.

The driver of the Nablum train was quoted as saying that “we did not plan to destroy the train, because we did not want any accidents.”

The company owner of Zev’s train said, “When we were told that the driver had been injured, we immediately contacted the accident report, and after the investigation, we found that it was not an accident.

We contacted the Israeli authorities and were told to keep operating the train until the accident investigation concluded.”

The cars are not set to operate during the winter months.

The operators of the trains have said that they plan to start operating in the spring, but that the project will be delayed because of a lack of funding from the Israeli government.

“We are waiting for a financial miracle,” “Zeev” said.

“It was impossible to run our operation during the cold winter months, when the cars are used for freezing cold storage of snow and ice.

We are now operating from the spring.

So we are facing the risk of having to shut down in the winter. “

On top of that, we are currently receiving no funding from government for our operation.

So we are facing the risk of having to shut down in the winter.

It’s not ideal, but it’s not the worst.”

“Zebron” posted a photo of the cars on Facebook.

The owner also wrote, “We have already been told that our operations will be suspended for a few days.

We have been told to continue operating, but we cannot do that.”

“It’s true that the system is malfunctioning, but the operators are doing it in a manner that does not affect passengers,” “Nashar” wrote.

The owners of “Zabayit” and “Abu Al-Rabbi” said that their cars are set to remain in service until the investigation into the accident concludes.

“Abel,” the owner from “Abba” and one of “Abdulrahman’s” cars, wrote, according to the Facebook post.

“Our cars are fully functional, and our driver is able to operate them.”

“Abid,” the driver from “Alma” and a driver of “Aqsa,” the two cars operated by “Abud,” the owners from

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