Why ghost apple detectors are better than ghost ghosts

It’s the ghost apples that are really the ghosts, as ghost apple detector maker GhostApple has announced its latest creation, GhostModern Warfare.

GhostModernWarfare uses the same tech that’s used to create the Ghost Apple, but it uses it to detect ghosts instead of ghosts.

While the GhostApple is capable of detecting a ghost in the air, it’s not as accurate as the GhostGhost Apple because it’s still in a dark room and the light doesn’t get through the glass.

Instead, it relies on the presence of the ghost apple itself, which is why GhostModernWaggin is actually the first of its kind.

“Ghost apples” are found throughout the world, often in the form of ghostly apple trees.

“These are really, really, incredibly rare and they can be anywhere,” GhostApple co-founder Mike Schurmann said in a press release.

“So, this is our first opportunity to do something with a ghost apple tree.”

GhostApple’s technology is based on an idea from the Ghost Ghosts in the Twilight Zone movie, in which the character Maddy tries to capture ghosts by using a fake apple tree.

When the tree is hit with a rock, it starts to grow a new tree that is taller than its owner, but the owner is still able to detect it, and Maddy eventually destroys the tree and uses it as a ghost detector.

But GhostApple doesn’t just focus on ghost trees.

They’re also using a system called “ghost light detection,” which uses an iPhone’s built-in infrared camera to create a hologram of the apple itself.

It’s similar to a holographic model of a ghost.

While you can buy Apple products that are equipped with infrared cameras, you can’t buy infrared lights, like the GhostModernGhostLight detector.

So while the device looks like a ghost, the infrared light isn’t.

“We really think we’re going to be able to tell the difference between the real and the fake apples,” Schurman said.

GhostApple says it plans to offer a limited number of GhostApple products in the future.

The company is also offering a GhostModern Ghost Apple in the Ghost Modern Warfare line of products.

You can get one of those in the store right now.

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