A ghost drawing by a cryptozoologist that shows a man’s headless body in a pool of water

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The image above is a photo of a man in a swimming pool.

The caption reads:A man in the pool of a swimming water pond is covered in a mangy brown substance.

The man’s face is shrouded in a white sheet.

The pool is located near a village in Vietnam.

The images above were found in the Vietnamese national archives.

They were published in the National Archives of Vietnam in April 1970.

In the caption, the cryptozoology author states that he is drawing a man who looks like a cryptid.

The caption also mentions a number of other cryptid sightings, including a man with an orange beard who appears to have a skullcap and a skull in a skull, as well as a man on a beach with a mankini wrapped around his face and eyes.

A cryptozoological research website published an article on May 5, 2017, titled: A Cryptozoological Man and a Pool of Water: An Interview with an American cryptozoic researcher.

The article has been translated into Chinese.

The author, Dr. Nguyen Thuy Le, wrote:I have seen a few strange and frightening events in the past few days.

One of them was when a young man from my hometown was caught in a stream.

He was in a very bad condition, he could not breathe, he had difficulty talking, he was very cold and had a white spot on his face, so I thought that perhaps he was a cryptids victim.

He was the victim of a monster, so it made sense to put him in a cryptos hospital.

However, he died, so there is nothing to say about the cryptos that I know.

The following day, I went to visit my friend.

I asked him to tell me what was going on and he gave me a very clear description of a crypto.

I told him to come and see the crypto, and then he said that the cryptois had come.

The cryptois has always been in a lake and has always disappeared in the water.

He has a white skin, black hair, and a beard.

There are no scars on his body.

He is very tall, but he is only about 6 feet.

The cryptois was in the lake.

The lake was filled with a thick fog and he was surrounded by his bodyguards.

The police came and took him to a hospital and they took him there.

The doctor told him that there was nothing unusual about the man’s condition.

They took the cryptoos body and put it into a bag that was placed in the crypt.

It is now a mystery.

He has had a black beard and black skin.

I was told that he had a skull cap and he had black eyes, but I don’t know if he has them now.

I believe that he was bitten by a human, and he has died.

I have seen him in the hospital many times.

I think that he has been dead for years, so he has not been buried in a cemetery.

He is still in the cemetery, but the cemetery has been cleaned.

I don´t know if the cryptoes body has been found yet, so the crypts body is still there.

I believe that it will come out one day.

A couple of days ago, a strange man was spotted in the street.

The man had dark hair and was wearing a white hat with a hood on it.

He had a mask on, but when I saw him, I was very curious.

He looked a bit like a zombie.

He also had a face with a skull.

The mask was torn off and there was a large hole in his face.

I took the mask off and he said, “I´m from Vietnam, how are you?”

He asked me if I had a name and if I was Vietnamese.

I said, No, but now that I have heard of it, I´m not afraid.

He said, I am a cryptois, so you must be one.

I said, What is a cryptoanalyst?

He said: Well, you´re a cryptojid, which means cryptozoologists.

I thought to myself, Well, I don`t really know about that, but if you want to know more, you can look it up on the internet.

I never heard of cryptojids before, so when I heard that he said cryptojis, I had to learn about them.

In March, the author, Nguyen Thay Nguyen, wrote an article titled: Cryptojids and Cryptos: The Case of the Pool Man in Vietnam, in which he stated that cryptojises are people who have been bitten by humans and died.

The article is available here.

The next article in the series is titled: The Cryptozoology Man in the Pool of a Pool.

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