A ghostly portrait of a Pennsylvania town’s ghost reveals its secrets

NEW YORK — A ghostly picture of a suburban Pittsburgh town’s haunted house, captured on a phone camera, has prompted some residents to question the town’s legitimacy.

Casper the Ghost is a ghost that haunts the small town of Plummer, Pennsylvania, according to a photo from a local news site, WPXI.

Residents are now questioning why the image was made public, and if the image shows up on the official Plummer website.

“There’s some questions about what the hell happened to this place, how did it get out, and why would you have someone take a picture like that?” said Emily Lutz, who lives in Plummer.

The photo, taken by a local resident in late November, shows the house, a ghostly recreation of a 1920s mansion with a front porch, that sits across a street from a small, unincorporated village.

Plummer, a small community of about 2,500 people located in Pennsylvania’s central Pennsylvania state, is a scenic region known for its mountains, lakes and mountainside views.

While Plummer has a reputation for being haunted, the picture shows nothing paranormal, according the WPXU news site.

The picture, posted to the local website, shows a group of residents gathered around a fire pit that was set up at the end of the night.

It appears to be a prop that was left over from a previous fire in the area, the WPxU report said.

A neighbor who lived across the street from the fire pit told WPXVN she was horrified by the image.

“This is a really horrible thing,” said Jennifer O’Brien, who also lives in the neighborhood.

“It is really frightening to see, especially when you have people in that house.

You don’t see it anymore.”

The Plummer Fire Department said it has not had any reports of paranormal activity in the community.

Plummer is located on the western edge of Pittsburgh, which is home to the city’s oldest and most affluent suburbs, according Wikipedia.

The town was incorporated in 1857, and is roughly 15 miles (25 kilometers) south of the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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