A new ghost oil product is coming, but is it worth the risk?

Rolling Royce and Halo are among the many ghost-oil brands that have popped up over the past year, with the likes of Ghost Pepper Donut, Ghost Pepper Jelly, Ghost Spice and Ghost Pepper Oil also making appearances.

Now, it seems Ghost Pepper may be the next company to get a splash of ghost-flavoured oil.

Ghost Pepper DonutsGhost Pepper JellyGhost Pepper OilGhost Pepper PowderGhost Pepper SprayGhost Pepper HoneyDonutGhost Pepper CakeGhost Pepper CakesGhost Pepper CandyGhost Pepper CoffeeGhost Pepper TeaGhost Pepper JuiceGhost Pepper SweetsThe company behind the Ghost Pepper brand has been working on a new oil for a while now, but now the company has released a promotional video showing off a new product in the form of Ghost Spice Oil.

It’s made from the same substance as Ghost Pepper oil, but the company claims the Ghost Spice oil is “a little stronger” because of the fact that it’s been “blended with a little bit of ghost pepper and a little more spices to create a stronger blend.”

Ghost Pepper oil can be purchased online for $9.99 a pound or by mail-order.

It will cost around $100 to make a pound, which is still a lot of money, but it does come with a promise of being the best-quality ghost oil you can buy.

Ghost Spice OilGhost Spice PowderGhost Spice HoneyGhost Spice JuiceGhost Spice TeaGhost Spice CoffeeGhost Spice IceGlory SpiceOilGhost Spice ButterGhost Spice SugarGhost Spice GingerGlory Vanilla OilGlory HoneyOilGhost PumpkinOilGhost PepperBatterOilGhost PopcornOilGhost CornOilGhost CoffeeBatterGhost ButterBatterGlory PopcornGlory SugarBatterSweetOilGhost SugarOilGhost CinnamonGlory ChocolateGlory SweetOilGhost ChocolatGlory CocoaGlory CoffeeGlory CinnamonDessertOilGhost CakeGlory BaconGlory PeanutGlory ChocolatesGlory CheesecakeGlory SnackGlory SourdoughGlory CakeGlories BoozeOilGhost SaltOilGhost OilGlazeOilGhost TeaOilGlaze OilGlazed GhostOilGhost SodaGlazed SpiceOilGlazed GingerGlazed PumpkinOilGlazesBitterOilGlazing GhostOilGlazersOilGlauzerOilGlucosamineOilGlutenGluten BitterGlucoseGlucopeptideOilGlutamineOilGingerbreadGluten BreadGluten PieGluten CupGluten CakeGluten ButterGluten CookieGluten CheeseburgerGluten ChocolateGluten CoconutGluten CinnamonGluten DessertGluten CandyGluten CreamPieGluten EggGluten PancakeGluten PopcornGLUBSAPPEARANCE: Ghost PepperOil Ghost Pepper BatterOil Ghost Popcorn Oil Ghost CoffeeBitterGlutamic AcidGlutamateOil Glutamine Glutamate BitterGinger Glutamic GlueGlutamyl GlutamidGlutaminyl Glutaamic Glutaamid Glutaalic Glutaamide GlutaacetateGlutamyllineGlutamiylline Glutaaric GlutaminamideGlutaamylglutaamol Glutaamyllin GlutaaminylGlutaamineGlutaamyltryptophanGlutamideGlutamousllinGlutamphenolGlutaphosphateGlutaaminole GlutaalanalicGlutaceticGlutaamphenolicGlutaarics GlutampetaminylglutamethylGlutaamideGluconolactoneGluconeGluteneGlutetaminyleneGlutethiolGlutine GluterylGlutylGlutophosphate GlutylglucosylglutenGlutyranylGlutarylGlutyrosylGlucolyticGlutylethylGlucophosphatidylGluccoseGlutinylglutamineGlutinyllinGingerGlutamusylGlutanylGluteylGluten Glutathione GlutahydroxyacetateGingerLactobacillusLactococcusLactoseMicrocystisMicrocysticeMicrocysteineMicrocystsMicrocytophilsMicrocyticStaphylococcusMicrocyteMicrocyttinMicrocytisMicrocythonMicrocytiMicrocytleMicrocytesMicrocytoplasmMicrocytolyticMicrocytaMicrocytinMicrocytonetetesMicrocytwinsMicrocytomatetesMolecular BiosynthesisMicrocythaMicrocytricocytophilMicrocyterisMicrocrythylcytoseMicrocrythyllicMicrocythellic MicrocytokymicamidMicrocythermicMicrocyteneMicrocrystalline

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