Ghost Town in Brooks – Where are the boys?

BEDMINSTER, N.J. –  I’ve heard it all before:  a ghost town.

 In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, some towns have become ghost towns.

Some towns have suffered from lack of water, and others have been devastated by disease.

In Brooks, the locals are worried about how much they’ll have left to live on after the storm.

“If you see any signs of life, please call the police,” resident Sheryl Jackson told The Associated Press.

Brooks is about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the New York City area, where the storm killed nearly 3,000 people.

The town’s mayor, Thomas St. James, said in an interview on CNN that the only way to restore the community to normalcy would be to get rid of all the trash.

When the hurricane hit, he said, he thought he could handle the situation alone.

After the storm, he moved the town’s police chief from New York to Brooks, where he was based until he was fired.

He said his department would not be affected.

St. James said Brooks had been built in the 1940s as a railroad station for the New Jersey Central Railroad.

Its current purpose is as a campground, and its residents are expected to move in from the nearby town of Brookfield in the coming days.

Many of the residents in Brooks are young men and women.

People who moved to Brooks in the days after Sandy said they were surprised at how well things were going in the aftermath of the storm and its aftermath.

One of them, Matt Hodge, said he was looking for a new job and had been applying for several.

But when he was interviewed for the job at a local grocery store, he was turned away because he didn’t have a Social Security number.

Hodge said he thought the store was hiring people to clean up the town.

He said he didn.

Others were turned away as well.

They didn’t want to take their shoes off, and some people said they didn’t even wear their hats or caps.

At the local high school, students had to wear their hair down and wear their gloves.

That was a big surprise to me,” said Matt, who asked that his last name not be used because he feared retaliation.

I thought, ‘How is this possible?'” he said.

It’s hard to tell how much people are willing to give up.

If they have to move, they’ll be moving to other towns, and if they don’t have to leave, they’re not leaving, said Emily Condon, who has lived in Brooks for a year.

Everyone is struggling to get through it.

They don’t know if they’re going to have food, water, clothing or shelter, and they’re worried about the safety of their families and the safety and security of their neighbors.”

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