Why a canterland ghost is the best thing that’s ever happened to me

The next time you walk into a canberland ghost house, it may surprise you.

It may even be scary.

It’s one of those strange places you’ve never heard of before.

But it’s here, hidden from the eyes of the public and only discovered by a couple of local paranormal investigators, where the spirits of two women, known only as The Sisters of Canterland, have been sitting in a room for the last decade.

It may not be the most famous ghost story, but The Sisters were well known in the canberlands, a remote coastal town on the north coast of Scotland.

The first woman, known as The Sister of the Blacksmith, was murdered in her home by her own father.

The other, known simply as The Ghost of a Woman, was a young woman who was left to rot in the house and died there too.

The story is a true one, with the first woman telling The Sisters that she was killed by a man who had been sleeping in her bed.

She was taken to the nearest hospital and later died.

The man who killed her then went to his home, where he made her drink whisky, and raped her.

She died in the night and was buried under a large oak tree in a wooded area near the village.

The two women were left alone, and each died a few years later.

One of the sisters died in 1998, while the other was buried in 1999.

Now a new team of investigators is looking for the two sisters who are now in their 60s and 70s.

Their lives are unknown, but the sisters say they’ve been in the Canterlands for over 20 years and know the story of how the two women came to be there.

The investigators are keen to share the story because it may help to solve some of the mysteries of the area, including the murder of the first Sister.

“I think it’s a bit of a story, and I’m not sure how much more I can tell you,” said Mary Mearns, a local who has been searching for the sisters since their death.

The sisters have been living in the old Canterville house for decades, although it is not yet known where the house was built, the last inhabitant of the house, or if they have ever left.

The search for the Sisters has been going on for more than a year, and is being conducted by the Scotland Yard’s Ghost Hunters team.

“They’ve got to look very carefully, and they’ve got a lot of time on their hands,” Mears said.

Mearns and her team have been searching the area for the past six months, and recently found evidence that the sisters were living there when they were murdered.

The sisters have also been seen sitting in the upstairs bedroom, which was discovered by Mearn’s team.

It is not clear why the sisters have not been seen or heard from in the past.

They have been located by a local resident and it has been determined that the house is not haunted.

Mears believes the mystery is still unsolved.

“It’s quite possible that it’s just the fact that nobody has seen it since then,” she said.

“People just don’t think to come out and look.

It’s quite unusual.”

We’re trying to get as much information out as we can.

We’re going to have to wait for some time, but it’s certainly a possibility.

“It’s not the first time a woman has gone missing in Canterfield.

In 1998, a woman named Annabelle went missing in the same building where the sisters lived, but her body was never found.”

When we first got a tip from a neighbour, we got in touch with them, but they weren’t sure how to get in touch,” Mears said.

The sister’s sister, however, has a story that has nothing to do with AnnabelLE.

She says she found her sister alive in the year 2000 in the basement of the old house.”

We found her dead in there, she had obviously been raped. “

It was a small attic, and it was in a poor state.

We found her dead in there, she had obviously been raped.

She had been raped in the cellar.

She had been left there by her husband.

He’d been sleeping with her for a few weeks, and he’d had a go at her, and that’s what led to her being raped.”

The police and the local authorities are investigating and the sisters are in a “very vulnerable state”, Mearnes said.

They have asked the public to remain vigilant in case something happens to them.

“My hope is that this is the end of it, and we’re not going to get involved again,” M EARNS said, adding that if anyone has information, please call Scotland Yard on 101.

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