Ghost Protein’s Ghost Light is the New Glow-In-The-Dark

In a world where light and color are becoming more important than ever, ghost protein has reinvented light to help people focus on their vision and create better, more vibrant light.

Read More from its founder and CEO, James Bekker, has been the man behind the ghost light phenomenon.

He said he wants to provide the perfect blend of color, light, and transparency.

“I want to be the light, the light to guide you, and the light in the world,” Bekkar said.

“We have to make a product that’s like that.”

The ghost protein concept was born in 2016 when Bekkers father, James, suffered from eye disease.

He was a visual impairment sufferer and said his vision deteriorated to the point where he couldn’t see anything at all.

“He was unable to see the world and everything around him,” James Beks son, Jacob, told the New York Times.

“His eyes were just too big to see things through.”

James Bekers father was diagnosed with a rare and degenerative eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa, or RPE.

The disease causes the retina to lose its rods and cones, leading to degenerative vision.

This causes people to experience visual hallucinations, or distorted images.

Bekks son was unable see anything.

Bekker’s dad had to have surgery and underwent a cataract removal in order to regain some vision.

Beks father has now retired from the medical profession.

“For him to get to that point, that was a great day for me,” Beks said.

But for Jacob, the experience of seeing light through his father’s eyes is far more important.

“It’s just so powerful.

It’s so cool,” Jacob said.

Beks son and Jacob also want to bring the spirit of ghost protein back to life by using the light of the moon to create a glow-in-the-dark light show.

“We want to take the light from the moon and give it to people,” Jacob explained.

“It’s like the spirit.”

Jacob said he hopes to be able to make it a reality within the next few years.

“There’s nothing else like it.

Nothing else on the planet,” Jacob told the Times of Indian.

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