What’s the difference between the ghost crabs and the ghost wall?

In the past decade, a group of scientists have created some pretty amazing, and very bizarre, results about the structure of living things.

And now they’ve taken a closer look at some of the ghost walls found in Canada. 

“The first time I saw the ghost crab was when I was a kid,” said Dr. John Gavrilescu, a professor of biological sciences at the University of Toronto. 

Gavrilscu said he was in Toronto a few years ago, and noticed a wall in his yard.

“I was thinking, wow, I really should try to get a good look at it,” Gavrscu said.

“The first thing I did was walk over to the wall and look at the wall.

I didn’t have a flashlight, so I had to get up on the roof.

I just thought, that’s weird.

I thought, oh, this is just some kind of wallpaper.”

Gavrsucsus was curious to see if the wall had a color, so he dug through the debris and found a small brown crab.

He then decided to take a closer approach. 

He began to pull apart sections of the wall with his fingers and tried to see what was on the inside. 

The crab was very much alive and moving, he said.

But when he started examining the wall, he noticed a strange, yellow substance that appeared to be water.

“You can see it,” he said in a phone interview with CBC News.

“It’s very, very yellow, like a yellowish water color.

You can see that the wall is made of the same material that the crab is.” 

Gvirsucsucs was able to determine that the color was the substance that the crabs were hiding in.

He said that when the crab touches the wall it’s going to turn yellow, so the crab must be hiding there to make the wall yellow.

Gavsuc said he thought the yellow substance was actually the water, but that the scientists are not sure. 

But, Gavrussucu said he is very, VERY intrigued by the fact that the substance was found to be a kind of watery substance. 

So, he decided to do more digging. 

And he found what looked to be an enormous wall of water, much bigger than the crab. 

What did he find? 

“There’s a lot of mud underneath, which I’m guessing was there for a reason,” Gvirsousucus said.

“So, you can see there’s a very large quantity of mud and stuff in the wall,” Gavirescu said, laughing. 

Dr. Gavrasucu says the wall was made of a “watery material” and that the water was hiding in the walls “under the wall.”

Gvirrussuccus says he’s been researching the ghost warps and ghost wall for the past few years, and he’s excited about finding something so unique and fascinating.

“This is the first time that I’ve ever been able to really look at a wall with a lot more detail,” Gavisucus told CBC News in a telephone interview.

“And I think this is one of the things that we have to be really, really careful about when we study these kinds of structures,” he added.

A video of the crab being examined:”

But we have a lot to learn about how they work, and how to make them and how we can preserve them for future generations.” 

A video of the crab being examined:

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