Which of the following is the most haunted town in Australia?

The Ghosttown in the Goldfields is famous for its haunted houses and the ghost of a young girl.

Picture: Supplied: Photo: Suppressed by News Corp Ghosttown is located just outside the Goldfield area in Goldfield, about 30 kilometres north of Perth.

The town is famous among locals for its ghost stories.

It has been said that the ghostly presence in the ghost town has been the biggest attraction for tourists.

A number of ghostly sightings have been reported.

Ghosts are not the only attraction in the town.

Ghost town resident Jennifer McDonough said the town was haunted by the ghost dogs of the old goldfields mines and there was a huge pile of bones in the graveyard that had been left over from the mines.

“They’ve left behind some really scary bones that you could see in the night sky,” Ms McDonow said.

Ms McDono is also a ghost-watch volunteer.

She has spent her entire life in the Ghosttown area.

After spending time in the neighbourhood, Ms Mcdono said she had started to notice strange things.

One of those things was when she was driving past the Goldfellas mine and she spotted the ghost dog.

 “I turned around and he was there with his big tail wagging, and it looked like he was trying to scare me.

He was standing there and I couldn’t see anything in front of him,” she said.”

I’ve had a lot of scary experiences in the past and I just thought I was going to get a scare.”

Ms Macdono, who works as a school teacher, said she was often approached by people who wanted to visit the town and see the ghosts.

This is the fourth time she has gone to the town for the ghost sightings.

Last month, Ms Macdonow said the Goldfords mining district was “full of people”, but the ghost stories she had heard about the town had been nothing like the stories she would hear in her own town.

Ms Mcdonough said people in the area had been visiting the ghost towns and other ghost-spooky places for years.

They would gather at the site where the ghost is said to haunt.

Her family has been visiting for many years.

“There’s a couple of people who were married to the ghost in the 1970s, so they are still married to it, but they don’t live here anymore,” she explained.

When I first came to the GoldFords area I was just walking past and my wife saw me, and she said, ‘Are you the ghost?’

“She was pretty shocked and I thought, ‘Yes, I’m the ghost, I have been here for decades’.” Ms McFarlane said it was difficult to understand why people would go to the GhostTown.

However, when asked about why they went there, she said it made sense.

“It’s got a reputation,” she told News Corp. In 2017, the Goldfish Goldfields Museum was set up at the ghost’s haunt.

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