How to spot a haunted ghost

It’s been a year since the last ghost sighting in Bongcheon Dong. 

On March 8, a woman in her 50s spotted a ghost in her bedroom.

She reported it to the local police, but it was too late. 

The woman had died a few days earlier and had been buried in a local cemetery. 

“The police took the report seriously, and on April 3, they called us and informed us that the deceased had passed away in the funeral home,” Ji Hsien-Yong, the head of the local funeral home, told The Jerusalem Report. 

It was the first time she had ever heard of a ghost. 

According to local folklore, when the body of the deceased was disturbed, a spirit would emerge from the grave and seek to protect the body. 

A local farmer had seen this spirit, and it became one of the locals’ favorite places to visit. 

Since then, ghost sightings have increased in Bungcheon Dong, with some claiming to be from ghosts. 

Some people say they have seen a ghost and heard voices in the woods, while others claim they have heard a ghost coming out of a door. 

Ghosts have also been seen walking around the graveyard. 

Jin-Yeung Choi, a resident of Bongchoong, said he has seen ghostly figures walking through the woods. 

“[Ghosts] always come in from the woods and they disappear when you go there,” Choi told The Times of Israel. 

This month, a man in his 40s was found dead in the cemetery after he left a note with a message that he had been haunted by a ghost that was walking around. 

Police have launched a case against the deceased, but Choi says he has no idea who killed him. 

In an interview with The JerusalemReport, Choi said that he suspects that the woman who saw the ghost was a witch. 

However, he added that it was not his place to speculate about the circumstances of her death. 

After the man’s death, Choi’s father, who lives in a village just outside of Bungchoong and is also a member of the village’s local ghost-hunting association, contacted the police, who sent him a report. 

When the police visited his house on March 15, Choi and his family immediately went out to the cemetery. 

 “When we saw the bodies, we were shocked,” Choi said.

“We called the police because the police had told us to report the death.” 

The police report did not mention any suspicious activity at the cemetery, but the local cemetery manager confirmed that the bodies had been removed and disposed of. 

 On April 5, Choi returned to his house to investigate further, but his father told him that the police did not have a case to file. 

Choong told The Israel Project that his father had told him to not report the incident to the police as they were not allowed to report such a case. 

At the time of the police investigation, Choi told The Palestine Post that he did not know the woman’s identity and had not been able to reach her. 

He also told The Israeli Project that he was not prepared to take the police’s case against her seriously, saying that he feared for his own safety. 

Although Choi believes the woman had been a witch, he has never heard of any other cases where someone had been murdered by ghosts.

 “This is the only way to solve it,” Choi told the Jerusalem Report, adding that he felt that the incident should be investigated by the local authorities, as there are many witnesses to the incident. 

While Choi and many locals believe that ghosts are real, Choi feels that the authorities are not doing enough to investigate them. 

There are no specific laws that govern the handling of such cases, so the police are required to investigate the incidents on their own, Choi added. 

Even if the police file a case, Choi is concerned that he may not be able to prove his suspicions that the person was a ghost before the authorities do. 

If the case is reopened, Choi will probably continue to investigate it, but he hopes that people will stop thinking that ghosts have always been around and will accept the fact that they have been around.

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