Why was Bongcheon Dong ghost so loud?

Bongchon Dong was once the center of South Korea’s ghostly city.

But now, it’s quiet again. 

The ghost of a ghostly woman named Bong Cheong Dong is haunting the former ghost town.

She was once a young woman, living with her parents in a building that was once home to some of the oldest buildings in the country.

But she has died, and her spirit has taken over the building, the New York Times reported. 

Bong Cheong was found dead in a basement room on May 15, 2021.

It was the last time anyone heard from her. 

“It was very unusual, and I can’t explain it, because I am a witness to the past,” Kim Young-woo, the manager of a local hotel, told the New Yorker.

“The woman’s spirit can only take over, but it’s not easy to control it.

There are people who come to help, but they are not a problem.” 

There are several theories about why the woman’s ghost lingers in the building.

Some believe it is haunted by the ghosts of the deceased.

Others believe she was abducted by a man who wanted her to take revenge on a family member.

And a few believe she could have been poisoned by the man who killed her.

Bong Chun Dong is located in Seoul, South Korea, on the outskirts of the city.

It is a tourist attraction and has been called the most haunted place in the world. 

According to Korea Times, Bong Dong has been closed since the mid-1990s.

It’s estimated that up to 10,000 people have visited the ghost town in the past decade.

It became a tourist destination in the 1980s, when a new shopping mall was built, and it has been a popular hangout for visitors ever since. 

Some of the buildings that once housed the old ghost are now used as offices and apartments.

Other buildings that have been abandoned or demolished include the Bong Chung Dong Hotel, where a group of ghost hunters recently spent the day. 

For now, Bongsong Dongs ghost is out of the building’s reach, but that won’t last long. 

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